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Reasons to Promote Drinking Straws

The key to successful marketing campaigns is providing something useful. It should continue to advertise you. One surprising promotional gift is a custom made straw.
Yes, custom reusable straws are taking the promotional world by storm. There are many reasons why you should use promotional straws for your next campaign. Here you will find the reasons.
We all know that plastic disposable straws suck for the environment. Did you get the news that in the US, people use 500 million straws every day? That’s a surprising number.
Conservatists around the world are appealing people to stop using plastic straws. The sad truth is people like straws and will not stop using them. But it’s not straws that are the problem, it’s disposable straws that are not bio-degradable.
If your company gets on the environmentally friendly side and uses custom reusable straws, it’s a win-win for everyone. Straw-lovers can keep slurping away on their re-usable straws. And planet earth will appreciate you for reducing plastic waste.
Yes, instead of adding to the troubles of this world, you can give out your promo items with a clear conscience.
Jumping on the eco-friendly train not only helps you to feel nice about your company, but others will notice too. Actually, according to a survey, 35% of consumers will spend more money on a product if it’s eco-friendly.
It’s true, helping the environment can reflect your brand in a great way. Giving out custom reusable straws will show the world that you’re not a corporate monster that doesn’t care about what it damages to reach the top. It will show your customers that you want to make a difference in the world.
Also, from an avid musician to marathon-runner, there is a pair of headphones for every type of person. What you choose to buy for your business depends entirely on whom you want to advertise and attract.
Headphones are really popular. The Consumer Electronics industry is expected to generate over $337,754 million in 2020. That’s an incredibly high number! A smart business move would be to tap into that industry for an organic and cheap way to advertise.
People are using them already. With more and more population using headphones already, it is meaningful to offer these products as a choice within your business. Not only can you tap into an adult population, but the youth, too! People of all ages, backgrounds and industries use headphones — why not use them to promote your work?
They make great gifts. You can use these custom logo headphones as custom promotional gifts during office parties or end-of-the-quarter/year celebrations. There is also the option to offer these custom headphones as incentives to your staff for meeting bonuses or goals.
They’re cheap enough. Headphones vary in price, but there is always an affordable option. Depending on your target audience and your marketing strategy, you can find a cost-effective product. Usually, you can find it by ordering headphones in bulk.

Promotional products

Unique Puppy-Approved Promotional Items

Pet owners spend over $72 billion on their pets annually according to the American Pet Products Association. You can tap into this big market with promotional pet products with a general data of 84.6 million U.S. households feeding a dog. Promotional Items
The spring and summer months are quickly coming to side, which means outdoor community events will be in full swing giving you many chances to market your brand to pet owners. National Puppy Day is Saturday, March 23rd. Jump-start your next paw-some campaign with these puppy-approved Promotional Items.
So, please get ready for the duty. Promote your brand and help pet owners stay prepared with the Pet Waste Dispenser. This fire hydrant shaped dispenser consists of 15 disposable bags with a carabiner clip for attaching to belt loops and leashes.
The pet owners will be taking their pets outside more often as the weather gets warmer. The Hound Hydrator XL is a 25-ounce stainless steel water bottle featuring a particular lid that doubles as a pet bowl. The extra-large promotional bowl has a big mouth lid making it accessible for dogs of all sizes, the key is that you add logos and customize any sizes you want.
Don’t forget! Pets will love the Bow-Wow Tennis Ball Slinger. Spread your brand effectively while saving your clients from shoulder pain. Promotional
Who doesn’t prefer a tasty snack? With a large imprint area, this large silver tin containing dog treats is sure to make your clients’ dogs excited. What’s more, promotional dog collars will give your brand exposure on every walk or trips to the vet or park. This nylon web, adjustable collar fits dogs of various sizes. We have to say that it’s really a good promotion gift.


Classic Stress Balls, Best Choice for Promotion

The pace of life is getting faster and faster, life seems to be more stressful to us. It’s not just a factor of the news reminding us we should be stressed, it’s also because everyone is stretched to the limit and businesses are running with less staff, all of whom wish to carry more duties than they have in the past. The smart businessmen always seek to take wise advantage of such a situation and this is why promotional stress balls have become a necessity to interpersonal marketing strategy.
There are many versatile stress balls available, and it is quite significant not to be encouraged by any one of the more fanny or obscure designs available. Often it’s hard for marketers to put forward to an innovative idea which will carry their logo and express their branding objectives in a way which engages with people and capture the attention of those on the periphery. Stress balls are just a wonderful solution when this is the case. Say for instance you work in the education sector and are looking for a promotional item which will express to the public your interest in furthering recognition of your brand. It would a simple and safe choice to just decide a cheap promotional pen and throw these to the wind hoping some of them will find their way into the hands of people who might potentially sign up for one of your courses.
While there is nothing wrong with promotional pens, as a matter of fact, it is famous that they are highly useful ways in which to get low cost branding and message delivery right, the fact that they are just a pen and can get lost amongst the thousands of others stationery items out there is reason enough to look a little further afield, especially when you have a breakthrough idea which needs to stand out and get more attention.
The range of stress balls available on this site covers most industries and the extensive collection of different styles ensures that virtually every industry you can think of has a special stress ball design available which will naturally engage with people in the industry and express the emotional. 
So, not only do stress balls stand for a stable and recognizable image, they are emotional engaging as the range of mascots and characters available ensure that your message will not only make logical and economic sense, it also concerns peoples’ emotions and shut another door behind likely consumers. In total, the range of stress toy styles, colors and materials available are all reasons for every marketing organization to look at sourcing stress balls as a potential way to engage and elite their clients and staffs. Look through the wide range of styles available, all high can carry a logo or a tailored message and consider the ways they can be used to engage with your audience and eventually establish business relationships and interest in your brand with more customers.


Imprinted Promotional Sports Bottles

As many news showed that from pro athletes to everyday gym rats, hydration is an important part of practices, games and workouts. 
This special promotional water bottle and Bluetooth speaker combo consists of a compass on the lid, which can also be used as a cup. Features a built-in TF card slot and comes with a USB charging cable;
Ensure big gulps with this 25 oz. stainless steel sports bottle, which features a wide mouth for easy use and a carabiner for attaching to a backpack.
This special cheap promo sports bottle has it all: seven-day pill case to store vitamins or other medication, leak-proof lid, 4-oz. to 20-oz. measurement markings and shaker ball.
Keep beverages cold and undiluted with this 25 oz. water bottle with freezable ice stick. Refreshing drinks are guaranteed at the gym, beach, spa, sports fields and more;
Besides, this water bottle features an auto-sealing cap with a wide mouth. It’s double-wall stainless-steel vacuum-sealed, so beverages stay cold for 48 hours and hot for at least 12.
Clients get classic styling with this 25 oz. Tritan sports bottle, which has a press-button, flip-open drinking lid with a spout and metal locking latch, however, it’s really one of the best promotional items as gifts, don’t you think so?