A meeting or conference is essential in any business. It is not only an opportunity to hear the newest and greatest research and information in your industry, it is an opportunity to connect with colleagues and expand your favorite circle of contacts. An important part of any conference, as everyone knows, is the commodity offered as part of the event management process. The right conference gear is an integral part of the distinct value that event managers provide, and at the head of the list of items people expect to see at an event is a promotional conference satchel. With a convenient design, adjustable shoulder straps, and interior space for all the documents and accessories needed for industry events, custom conference satchels are a must-have branding opportunity and in many respects are the focal point of most successful events.
Not just this year, choosing the right factory price conference bag is an essential element to consider. A lot of people use the messenger bags they receive at industry events, and in the following year you would expect most people to be regularly in contact with others who are likely to be attendees at the next scheduled conference, and the broad range of brands visible on the bag will carry on to promote your event through the following months. This may appear to be a small idea, but each attendee at an industry event typically pays a pretty decent fee to attend, so even if your bag is there as a mobile billboard that only yields two or three new attendees, they may have paid themselves to add a new level of cost-effectiveness to the entire program.
Based on the event you’re working on and the industry you stand for, there are many different styles of wholesale conference bags to choose from, but it’s best to consider the needs of your attendees when choosing a bag. In general, conference bags are issued to hold a variety of miscellaneous items and documents that will be handed out during the event, but it’s also vital for many people to carry their laptops or tablets, so the bag in question should be able to hold these valuable items and protect them from damage. The range of computer bags that have padded interiors is perfect for this purpose and low-priced items in the range are all great options when looking to source convenient and popular custom conference bags.
The bag handed out at the conference is in many ways the most significant branded item at the event. Its size and appearance determine, in many ways, the value people think they are paying to attend the conference. Some people go to great lengths to reduce the quality of the products provided to event attendees to save money. Over the long term, they find that people’s perceptions of the value they receive from event organizers are closely linked to the quality of the main Promotional products they receive when they attend events, to their disadvantage, and that of the events they run. This is usually the satchel, of course. If you need to skimp, it’s best not to show it to those funding the event, and it’s certainly best not to diminish the quality of the product they receive, as many people see this as the most obvious indication of the quality of the event itself.


Natural Material Promotional COFFEE CUPS

There is absolutely no doubt that the range of reusable promotional coffee cups has recently taken the promotional world on a storming ride, as the reusable trend speeds up and increases its exposure in a number of industries. It simply stands to reason that the next level of performance will derive from technological innovation, in this case, the combination of vacuum insulated reusable cups with a range of recycled materials, further underlining the green credentials of this popular and practical product range.
Recycled materials are being used to promote a wide range of merchandise ideas these days. Recycled coffee cups have several materials that are becoming more widely used when it comes to recycling. Recycled rice husks have recently been employed in the production of a popular range of cups. Previously the newest material used was rice husks which were incinerated at the point of disposal, leading to a double problem for the environment. The natural reusable coffee cup is a typical example of the effective utilization of rice husk waste. It has a pleasant, natural outer surface and protects and retains the contents of the cup at the right temperature to make the beverage pleasant to drink for a longer period of time.
A natural material associated with human consumption of beverages for millennia is the bark of the cork tree. Cork is now back as people realize its natural texture, attractive finish, and insulating properties, making it a material worth considering for environmental advocacy ideas. Plantations of cork have been hundreds of years, only recently rediscovering this time-honored natural product as manufacturers look for ideas that satisfy the public’s interest in saving the planet while providing users with something truly practical. In all product categories, promotional items must first and foremost meet a range of practical requirements. For this reason, coupled with the appeal of cork, the popularity of cork will only increase in the near future.
Another remarkable innovation recently unveiled is actually making reusable coffee cups out of recycled cups themselves! With the addition of a bonded acrylic material that gives the final product all the mechanical properties of the material made from the first level, virgin material. The addition of bonded acrylic material gives the final product all the mechanical properties of a product made from a first-grade, virgin material. If you are looking for a truly eco-friendly alternative, it is impossible not to take this new and innovative recycling range seriously without compromising on practicality and cosmetic quality.
The first cup of coffee of the day is an essential part of the productive life of most people with whom you do business. The ever increasing range of quality coffee roasters and specialty coffee houses that continue to perfect the art of coffee making year after year is the reason why new recycled, reusable coffee cups will be taken, and continue to be popular or for some time. With the fresh promotion of a wide range of reusable coffee cups continuing to grow in popularity over time, these new recycled material options will just be the cherry on top of the whole ever-expanding promotional category.


New Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 models by Rolex

Rolex has introduced four new reference models in its female-focused Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 reference model, featuring a “Rolesor” case that combines Oyster steel and 18k white gold, all with dials in a range of vibrant colorways. Here’s everything you need to know about Rolex’s new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 model.
The first timepiece features a bezel set with 46 brilliant-cut diamonds and a fuchsia sun-treated dial at 6 o’clock adorned with diamond-set Roman “VI” numerals. The remaining three watches feature fluted bezels in white gold, with mint green sun-polished dials, white lacquered dials, and dark grey sun-polished dials. The hands, hour markers, and Roman numerals of each watch are crafted in 18-karat white gold.
The case of the new Datejust 31 is 31mm in diameter. According to Rolex, it is guaranteed to be water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters. The middle of the case is made from a single piece of Oystersteel, an alloy from the 904L steel family that is commonly used in the aerospace industry for its corrosion-resistant properties similar to those of precious metals. Protecting the case and dial is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a Cyclops lens is mounted on the date window at 3 o’clock. The screw-down case-back has subtle grooves on the edges, an element first introduced on the Oyster model in 1926, and is secured with a unique tool that allows only Rolex watchmakers to access the movement at
The new Datejust 31 is equipped with a movement developed and manufactured in-house by Rolex. Its patented geometry ensures the regularity of the movement in any position, compensating for gravitational errors caused by differences in the distance and thickness of the hairspring. The movement is fitted with a paramagnetic nickel-phosphorus escapement wheel, while the oscillator of the movement features a patented paramagnetic shock absorber designed by Rolex to help increase the resistance of the movement to shocks. It is also powered by an automatic winding module through the perpetual wheel, which provides approximately 55 hours of power.
The new Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31 meets Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer certification, redefined in 2015, which requires each fully assembled timepiece to undergo a series of tests, including testing the watch’s performance and precision on the wrist, power reserve, water-resistance and the movement’s ability to be self-winding. The Rolex Superlative Chronometer must meet the standard setting of -2/+2 seconds/day or more to be named the official “Superlative Chronometer”.


Tip of Customizing Your Golf Gear

Do you have a golf outing around the corner? Maybe you’re working for a course and want something cool to sell with your logo on it. Either way, custom golf gear is perfect for you! Which projects can you customize? What is the best design technique? This is a personalized piece of equipment your golfer will love!
A wide variety of golf gear can be customized with your unique design. You can see more details below:
Do you have your own special logos? Get it embroidered on the front of form-fitting polos. You’ll want to stock up on a bunch of colors to fit every player’s particular style.
Tees may be small, but they still have a huge impact. People will use their set over and over again, which means so much exposure if you print your company name on the front. It can be awfully sunny on the fairway. Protect every golfer’s eyes with athletic sunglasses in a variety of colors and styles.
The turf can get torn up during an intense golf game. Fix it up on the spot with easy-to-use divot repair tools. Promotional all markers help players not only keep track of their shots, but also add a personal touch to the game. From poker chips to smiley faces, there are plenty of styles to choose from.
Your gift shop seems to be already stocked with polos and t-shirts. Complete the entire look with custom visors that are fitted with Velcro.
Don’t let the rain spoil the day on the court! Golf umbrellas will add much-needed protection to each hole. You can sweat in golf! Golf towels are a must for both amateurs and professionals. All in all, these are necessities for promotions.


4 Things to Keep in Mind When Using Pantone Colors for Printing

For those unfamiliar with Pantone, it’s a color scheme that’s been around since 1963. It has a huge influence in the design world, especially the “color of the year” in fashion, interior design, film, packaging design and other fields have a place.
Pantone is a wizard at choosing the right colour, which is why it is so popular in print. Yet for all its greatness, there are still times when printing Pantone colors can go horribly wrong.
The material you print affects the color of Pantone turns out. For example, you might want to print the PMS 301C(blue) on a denim jacket, but it will look slightly different than on a plastic cup.
Some materials are easier to absorb, while others are more transparent. This is part of reason why Pantone offers different types of inks – Coated or Uncoated. The Uncoated is a slightly different hue, but it may be a better choice for certain types of fabrics or materials.
Your logo may look a little different, but both Coated and Uncoated will use the same formula. When in doubt, be sure to ask before randomly choosing Pantone colors. The printer tells you what to expect.
To print the design on a ceramic mug, it goes through a thermal fixation process. This eventually changed the tone of the Pantone colors, every time!
Silicone is also a trouble maker when it comes to printing Pantone colors. The material absorbs some of the ink, causing a slight change in colour. If you’re going to buy some wine sets and make them Pantone, watch out for ceramics and silicone.
Do you plan to use the Pantone matching system on some promotional products? Please check out the free PMS Color Matcher from Quality Logo Products®!
Do you remember mixing paints to get different colors in kindergarten? Red and blue make purple, red and yellow make orange… you get the idea.
Well, printing a Pantone color on a colorful product, such as a blue keychain or a red tumbler, will inevitably change the color of the print. When you print on a white product, the logo color will 100% match the only neutral base.
If the exact Pantone color is important to your brand, try something white — a white pen, a white pressure ball, or a white water bottle. This is the best choice for accurate color.
White is usually the exact same color as Pantone, except for white textiles or ceramic mugs. Color is affected by the material and the firing process.
Pantone knows that colors can go wrong, which is why it’s easy to see the future of PantoneLive Design. You can access all colors in Adobe Illustrator and see how your colors will change on certain materials or products.
The service does cost you some money, so when you print, consider how important the exact color is to you. There are elitists out there who want their Pantone colors to be spot-on, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Take Coca-Cola for example. Do you think of any other color besides vibrant red?
Color is a matter of skill to perfect. The printer is different, the material can change the final product, and ultimately, not even Pantone can stop something like the sun from fading.
The good news is that promotional products companies, like Quality Logo Products®, can help you to stay on track. Your representative will work with you and help you to find your true colors, no matter what!

Promote Drinking

Reasons to Promote Drinking Straws

The key to successful marketing campaigns is providing something useful. It should continue to advertise you. One surprising promotional gift is a custom made straw.
Yes, custom reusable straws are taking the promotional world by storm. There are many reasons why you should use promotional straws for your next campaign. Here you will find the reasons.
We all know that plastic disposable straws suck for the environment. Did you get the news that in the US, people use 500 million straws every day? That’s a surprising number.
Conservatists around the world are appealing people to stop using plastic straws. The sad truth is people like straws and will not stop using them. But it’s not straws that are the problem, it’s disposable straws that are not bio-degradable.
If your company gets on the environmentally friendly side and uses custom reusable straws, it’s a win-win for everyone. Straw-lovers can keep slurping away on their re-usable straws. And planet earth will appreciate you for reducing plastic waste.
Yes, instead of adding to the troubles of this world, you can give out your promo items with a clear conscience.
Jumping on the eco-friendly train not only helps you to feel nice about your company, but others will notice too. Actually, according to a survey, 35% of consumers will spend more money on a product if it’s eco-friendly.
It’s true, helping the environment can reflect your brand in a great way. Giving out custom reusable straws will show the world that you’re not a corporate monster that doesn’t care about what it damages to reach the top. It will show your customers that you want to make a difference in the world.
Also, from an avid musician to marathon-runner, there is a pair of headphones for every type of person. What you choose to buy for your business depends entirely on whom you want to advertise and attract.
Headphones are really popular. The Consumer Electronics industry is expected to generate over $337,754 million in 2020. That’s an incredibly high number! A smart business move would be to tap into that industry for an organic and cheap way to advertise.
People are using them already. With more and more population using headphones already, it is meaningful to offer these products as a choice within your business. Not only can you tap into an adult population, but the youth, too! People of all ages, backgrounds and industries use headphones — why not use them to promote your work?
They make great gifts. You can use these custom logo headphones as custom promotional gifts during office parties or end-of-the-quarter/year celebrations. There is also the option to offer these custom headphones as incentives to your staff for meeting bonuses or goals.
They’re cheap enough. Headphones vary in price, but there is always an affordable option. Depending on your target audience and your marketing strategy, you can find a cost-effective product. Usually, you can find it by ordering headphones in bulk.


Why do people like free promotional giveaways?

Getting free giveaways is like hitting the jackpot. Whether you’re picking up a free sample at the grocery store or staring at a free trial membership at the nearby gym, getting something for nothing is always exciting. That’s why your business is wise to consider this strategy with free promotional giveaways!
What is a gift? How can “free” be an effective sales technique? Let’s talk about why people like free promotional products!
Take Southbound Group, a real-estate brokerage firm in Tennessee. The team bought promotional key holders for their customers, cleverly exploiting the idea of storing spare keys under rocks. This kind of sincere gift is perfect for their clients and also helps them a lot with their new house keys. In addition, it reminds people of groups moving south and recommends their services to others.
All in all, this proves how powerful freedom is. This is well worth following the footsteps of the south group. There are many cheap promotional products and unique freebies that you can distribute to your customers for free.
Freebies work because of the principle of reciprocity. Similar to the “an eye for an eye” metaphor, we send back what we receive. For example, if you go out to lunch with a friend and they grab your bill, you’re more likely to pay it back the next time.
The same concept applies to brand giveaways. By giving away products to potential customers for free, you hope they will buy something from your company in return for increasing your sales and brand awareness.
Promotional products can benefit your marketing no matter if you are a college or a nonprofit! They are free items that consumers like to receive.
If you want to improve your sales or reach customers in a new market, using free psychology is a great place to start! Let’s look at an example of free lip balm at a salon.
When consumers think lipstick is useful, they feel good about the product. In another case, however, the balm did not work, leaving a bad impression on the giveaway. Customers are more likely to buy your product or introduce you to others after they have had a positive experience. Remember that you will have better results and happier customers with high quality and useful promos

Promotional products

Unique Puppy-Approved Promotional Items

Pet owners spend over $72 billion on their pets annually according to the American Pet Products Association. You can tap into this big market with promotional pet products with a general data of 84.6 million U.S. households feeding a dog. Promotional Items
The spring and summer months are quickly coming to side, which means outdoor community events will be in full swing giving you many chances to market your brand to pet owners. National Puppy Day is Saturday, March 23rd. Jump-start your next paw-some campaign with these puppy-approved Promotional Items.
So, please get ready for the duty. Promote your brand and help pet owners stay prepared with the Pet Waste Dispenser. This fire hydrant shaped dispenser consists of 15 disposable bags with a carabiner clip for attaching to belt loops and leashes.
The pet owners will be taking their pets outside more often as the weather gets warmer. The Hound Hydrator XL is a 25-ounce stainless steel water bottle featuring a particular lid that doubles as a pet bowl. The extra-large promotional bowl has a big mouth lid making it accessible for dogs of all sizes, the key is that you add logos and customize any sizes you want.
Don’t forget! Pets will love the Bow-Wow Tennis Ball Slinger. Spread your brand effectively while saving your clients from shoulder pain. Promotional
Who doesn’t prefer a tasty snack? With a large imprint area, this large silver tin containing dog treats is sure to make your clients’ dogs excited. What’s more, promotional dog collars will give your brand exposure on every walk or trips to the vet or park. This nylon web, adjustable collar fits dogs of various sizes. We have to say that it’s really a good promotion gift.


Personalized Promotional Notepads with Printing Artwork

Promotional marketing is all about getting your brand message widely publicized and into the hands of the people with whom you would like to establish business relationships. This is why custom printed notepads are a perfect marketing product. There are some items which have the same level of utility while ensuring your logo and message are displayed in a unique format. And since there are so many notepad choices available, there are many options to suit the special focus and objectives of your promotion and the budget will be in control. 
It is a good way to give them a practical giveaway which includes substantial chance to outline the opportunities the new marketing giving you have developed presents for their company if you’re seeking for a way to get a new product or service offering noticed by people who you have identified as members of your target market a notepad. The large image area on what is essentially a blank canvas means you can print whatever you like. This might be a picture of a new product offering along with a list of its attributes.
Keeping a notepad on a desk is a must have item in business even in this day and age of electronic communications and record. There is no better way to write a memo to a fellow staff member to remind them of the need to call back a supplier or client. And there are few other promotional product from China which combine this flexibility with such great visibility branding.
The big range of formats available for notepads is another element of flexibility which makes them such a powerful marketing tool. Relying on your budget and the way in which you decide to distribute the notepads there are many different kinds of page formats available. For example, if you are going to hand them out to your staff as desk toppers a custom A2 notepad could be the best option. Also, if you are planning to mail them out to your clients with their accounts at the end of the month a DL notepad could be the best option as it will fit in a standard envelope and your marketing program can be completed with a minimum of supplementary expenditure.
Therefore, next time you are at a loss considering which promotional merchandise ideas are most fit for your next marketing foray it could be that a notepad is the best choice. Sometimes the best idea is not the most suitable and if you are in need of a guaranteed return on your marketing investment it could be that a classic proven product like a promotional printed notepad is the best option available.


Promotional Branded Outerwear to Stay Warm

It is essential to prepare some promotional outerwear in cold days, so here we have a branded outerwear collection you’ll be interested in. Apart from mediocre coats and jackets, because these promotional branded outerwear products are equipped and ready to keep all brand supporters nice and warm as they head into the unpredictable weather ahead.
Marmot Aruna and Tullus Insulated Puffer Jacket
Do you need some more bulk with your outerwear? Not a problem! Marmot Aruna and Tullus Insulated Puffer Jackets are built to withstand low temperatures with ease. Featuring 100% polyester, ripstop DWR construction together with 600 fill power down with down defender, these jackets mean business. What’s more, in truly innovative fashion, the jackets have zippered, handwarmer pockets to ensure you are warm from head to toe. And with the elastic bound cuffs and hem, you truly need to look no further for the best branded promotional outerwear.
Men’s & Women’s Columbia Harborside Fleece Pullover
Brought to you by the brand that knows winter better than most, the Columbia Harborside Fleece Pullover is available in both men’s and women’s styles and both are fit for any occasion. The women’s pullover is 100% polyester fleece construction with a reinforced yoke overlay panel and zippered chest pocket, making the quarter-zip pullover a visual success. On the contrary, the men’s pullover is 100% polyester construction with a snap placket closure, contrast nylon cuffs, collar, inner placket and rod holder and a left chest pocket with zipper closure, so it looks just as good with some minor differences. But no matter what, you’ll be warm in this branded outerwear, and that’s what counts!
Men’s & Women’s Kingsland Jacket
Can your promotional outerwear withstand colder temperatures? It can when it’s featured on the Kingsland Jacket! This cheap promotional jacket, available in men’s and women’s styles, is temperature rated from 0 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit because of the fully insulated, 100% Polyester construction. The fabric is also waterproof, making it ideal for even the worst weather. Besides, this jacket has a removable hood, fully quilted lining, sporty seaming, a full zip with wind flap, articulated elbow piecing, adjustable sleeve cuffs, zipper pockets with welded flaps and mesh interior pockets and a drop tail hem.
So, contact us for more styles, we can help customize what you want. Your brand will be widely spread well.