Rolex Yacht Prestige

What is the price of a Rolex Yacht Prestige?

As the Rolex Yacht Prestige comes in many different sizes and materials used, prices tend to vary widely. For instance, you can purchase some of the older or smaller Rolex Yacht Prestige models on the secondary market for around $5,000. However, newer, larger Yacht Prestige models, especially those forged in valuable metals, can fetch up to five figures. Because of their large size, complex movements, and frequent use of precious metals, the Yacht Prestige is one of the higher-priced replica Rolex watches you can buy.
The major difference between buying a pre-owned Rolex Yacht Prestige or Yacht Prestige II and a new Yacht Prestige is the price. For the retail model, you will definitely pay a premium – especially if you choose one of the precious metal models. You can get a Yacht Prestige model for a much lower price on the secondary market, and many collectors consider this option to be a better investment. However, this still depends entirely on the specifics of the watch, as you can see from the chart above. The price of a pre-owned Yacht-Master will always vary relying on its alloy, year of production, condition, and whether it is a luxury Yacht-Master or a sporty Yacht-Master II.
Because these watches are particularly designed to withstand weather and water, they will age well even if they are heavily worn, loved, and used. Another reason why collectors turn to the pre-owned market is to get their hands on the early models. Since Yacht-Master has only been around for about 30 years, it is still easy to track down some early references. This is a great opportunity for collectors who not only like Yacht-Masters but also want to make a smart investment in their collection, as they have a great potential for appreciation.
Although the Yacht Prestige is one of Rolex’s newest models, having only been first introduced in 1992, the watch has been extensively upgraded over the years in terms of size, alloy, and bezel. Here, this comprehensive list outlines all of the standard production Yacht Prestige models since their original introduction. This list is also a very important reference if you are in the secondary market for a Rolex Yacht Prestige, as it serves as a great quick reference for the models produced over the years.

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